October 31


Have you ever had an expected guest into your office?

30.10.2013 AMREF Library 1130.10.2013 AMREF Library 12

Yesterday, while we were working in AMREF Office, we heard a noise coming from the window. YES!!!

We had an expected guest, it was a sweet monkey. Unbelievable!!! Because, AMREF Office is located in the center of downtown in Dar Es Salaam. The City of Dar es Salaam,  is Tanzania’s largest and richest city, serving as a regionally important economic centre, therefore this amazing event doesn’t frequently occur in AMREF Office.

After this wonderful experience, I became so motivated and quickly finalized my responsibility which I have been working on it since one week. And I realized my notes that I wrote it on my first month of assignment.

“The work environment becomes more interesting and stimulating when there are people from different backgrounds working together toward common objectives. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new.” But I really didn’t think that one day a monkey would join to my new work environment…