October 23


SU4AM in Tanzania

THANK YOU “Susan Gitau”!

We are working together in AMREF Dar Es Salaam. She worked so hard and dedicated for the Dinner Gala 2013 of Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign (SU4AM), but unfortunately she couldn’t attend to this Gala Dinner due to her mother’s illness.

I could say she did her best and Gala Dinner was very successful. l wrote this blog for her.

This campaign was launched on May 15 2012 be Her Excellency Mama Salma Kikwete. SU4AM is an international awareness and fundraising campaign. Its goal is to contribute to sustained reduction of maternal deaths in Tanzania by 2015 and beyond. The objectives are to raise awareness on the important role played by nurse midwives in saving lives and to raise funds for training of nurse midwives and symbolic nomination of midwife Esther Madudu, a Ugandan midwife, for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015. The target of this campaign is to train 3,800 nurse midwives by 2015. And the cost for training one midwife is USD 3,000.This Gala Dinner was hold to support SU4AM.

I am so glad to give support for this campaign and also Susan expent a lot of energy to organize this event.
It really makes us proud to be working for GSK & to be doing my assignment with AMREF.