Ding Ding…Round 2…

So the hubby has gone and what a week it’s been! Unfortunately as predicted the 2 weeks before he came felt like a complete drag and of course the week he was here flew by! But i think he had a fantastic Kenyan adventure and got very involved in my project which was great!

So the Friday before he came i completed all of my workshops! Hurrah! So i took in some celebrations (my mum had brought these for me from the UK, you can’t get them here!) and bought the ladies a soda to celebrate.


In the evening we went to the Simba Club for dinner and i decided to go for some wine (something i’ve not drank much of since arriving in kenya). I haven’t really been drinking much in my time here so have become even more of a lightweight than i was before and those of you who know me will know i am a VERY cheap date in that respect! So 2 glasses later and i’m feeling drunk! Liability i know! So we came home and my usual nightly routine is to shower and cake myself in bug spray. My slight tipsyness meant i showered and went to bed without the bug spray. In the morning i woke up all excited to see Anand only to find i had 2 huge bites on my face!??! (I didn’t even think they liked to bite faces!!) and one on my foot. Brilliant.

As i’ve been taking malaria tablets for 3 months now i seem to be experiencing the side effects, namely mouth ulcers and my hair is falling out! :s Not good. So i went to meet Anand at the airport with 2 volcanoes on my face, a huge ulcer which made my smile crooked and a huge red foot from the reaction i have to bites! What a beaut! :s

Anywho i had planned to take him to the Masai Mara the following day. He loves animals so it would have been a shame to come all the way to Kenya and not visit the Mara. Once again i have to say i must have done something great in my past life as we had a fantastic experience and saw so many great things. Including many fighting animals (must be the season) we saw a crocodile take down a zebra, a live cheetah kill which was absolutely amazing! They really do run fast!! Huge herds of zebras and giraffes trying to cross the river with 3 crocs on the attack! It was nail biting to watch! I had joked after seeing the lion kill that all i now needed to see was the giraffe fighting as captured in David Attenborough’s ‘Africa’, knowing this was incredibly unlikely. But as luck would have it I actually got to see it and it was bloody amazing!!! 😀



The Cheetah was so close to us after the chase that we could hear her panting!

ImageZebra being pulled under by the croc..

ImageThis zebra had been attacked by the lions and got away. Since it was bleeding the other zebras in the herd were running away from him and shouting at him so he eventually was forced to go off on his own. We were told since the smell of blood would attract the lions he was now being ostracised.

Image…spot the croc!

Image The video is way better, this picture doesn’t quite do justice!

To top it all off we went on a balloon safari at sunrise! This was a most incredible experience, so peaceful and beautiful to see the plains at sunrise from a hot air balloon. The views were stunning and it all ended with a champagne breakfast amongst the zebra – a most memorable once in a lifetime experience!




So weds back to Kisumu and preparing for the first follow up sessions! I was quite nervous for this, what if i got there and only 3 girls had made the 6 towels, how embarrassing?! We bagged up the soaps and lotions and sorted through the underwear ready to take. Before the follow up we popped in to the feeding centre to check on the soybeans and distribute the last of the donated clothes, most of which had come in a parcel from Sue Sisson at Gedling Borough Council. 🙂

??????????????????????????????? Check out the Soybeans!!


First follow up was with Healthclub girls in Ombeyi. The girls were all very excited and thankfully we had 20 out of 22 girls having made all 6 towels and brought them to class. Huge sigh of relief at this point. The other 2 girls said they had made their towels but unfortunately forgotten to bring them. We awarded the girls with the soap and lotion and it was absolutely wonderful. They were all so excited and happy and wouldn’t stop passing bottles around for their friends to smell and using the lotion and being amazed at the nice smell on their hands. It was great to see and for all those who donated i will try to upload a video to show you their expressions so you can share the joy! They were equally thrilled to receive the underwear particularly the ones donated from the UK with funky patterns on them! ;o)



The session was interrupted by a thunderstorm forcing us to all run for cover inside the office. As we all waited for the rain to subside we entered into a sing song/dance which was hilarious and a huge amount of fun! I even did the African Makerina! 😀 Again i will try to upload the video for you all.

So for now it’s back to follow ups and finishing my website….only 8 more weeks to go!


  1. loved the photographs. You are quite lucky to see all the animals in action. It is very rewarding to see the girls made the effort to make sanitary towels and in return received the gift from you. I hope this will be passed to other schools in the future and no girls have to miss school. It is lovely to see the smiles on the faces of these children with such a small gift. Be proud of your self.
    Love mum

  2. Some amazing pics there. I’m well jel!
    Very lucky to see all those kills and those memories will last forever. Glad you are getting the most out of this experience. Hopefully the follow up sessions will allow you to see the benefits of your workshops and hopefully you will feel very rewarded for you efforts. Remember you have taught these girls a life long skill and something that we take for granted but will have a huge impact on their lives. Xxx

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