Celebrations at El Futuro

hands family

One of the wonderful activities at El Futuro is the Celebrations offered by staff to share the successes achieved with the people they serve.  There are so many tragic and touching stories among the population of Latino immigrants with mental health and substance abuse needs, but there are also positive and uplifting outcomes when they are able to receive the care and treatment needed. I’m proud to share with you some of these Celebrations:

  • Alejandra celebrates two women who are survivors of domestic violence. They are now feeling better about themselves and others in their lives are noticing how much happier they are.
  • Christa celebrates the impact we have on families. Two families have had enough trust in our staff to bring other family members in for treatment.
  • Luke celebrates the improvement of a young parent he and Harald have been treating. She is much improved and has new found strength and energy. Now her young child is less scared and can be cared for by others.
  • Karla and Randee celebrate a teen who selected a journal to begin writing in. The teen had several choices and it was difficult for her to pick. She was so happy to have a new journal and is ready to use it!
  • Adris celebrates a client who has been doing artwork in their substance abuse treatment sessions. This has allows him to really open up and show emotions he hasn’t been able to before.
  • Michelle celebrates a mom and her children who weren’t in coming over the summer but have returned. It’s so good to see them back,ready to work in therapy to strengthen their family.


  1. Hi Randee,
    I have come to learn in serving the disadvantaged that the “wins” are often small but nonetheless deserve recognition and celebration. May we have many more celebrations in our remaining time to serve.

  2. We could all take a lesson from celebrating the small wins in our own lives. It is evident that in every life-there are ways to look for the success but clear in working with the disadvantaged the IMPACT that recognition and celebrating the smallest achievement reap a great reward. Always an inspiration to read your blog and appreciate all that you are doing.

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