SCH, MP and DHL already know the below story but I would like to share it with all of you.

Just before I left for my Pulse assignment European SCH raised some money and… books for children in Rwanda (e.g. world atlas, novels for younger and older, short stories written by kids from one London’s school and many more). We collected over 60 books and due to baggage restrictions I could not carry it with me. Then Dave, our great friend from Moved Product, contacted DHL and they without any hesitation offered their support. A months or so ago this packaged was delivered to Kigali, free of charge. Few weeks later I dropped it off at one of the Kigali orphanages. 🙂

Everything was donated to the Rwandan Orphans Project orphanage, a home to nearly 100 boys. You can read more about the project on their website:

I visited the class room, the library, the dormitory and believe me a fantastic job is being done to help those kids. I must admit it is heartbreaking to see how difficult life can be for some. In the same time it is truly uplifting to know and to meet people who still care about others.

And you are part of it!

Once again, this is simply to say:


to you for making it happen!

The library commissioners

(elected for one year by other boys & responsible for overall library management; a great idea, isn’t it?)

Other boys having a look at the books outside

PS. Recently the ROP held a photography exhibition which featured photos taken by the boys. So as you see this is not only about providing a shelter but about improving their lives and helping them to build brighter future.