October 04


An Awesome Sunday…!!! Visit to Taj Mahal

The Taj MahalIMG_4802cTaj - Side ViewAn Awesome Sunday...!!! Visit to Taj Mahal

HI All..
Well I know this edition of my blog has come in a quick succession as compared to my previous ones, but I couldn’t control myself from jotting down my feelings or wait until next update.

I visited TAJ MAHAL…… Yes, and what a wonderful feeling it was. On Sunday, 30th of September, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, that too with my family. It is such a treat to the eyes that you have to go there and experience it for yourself. Mere words will always fall short for describing the beauty of Taj Mahal.

It was a pleasant morning, and we started off quite early to avoid traffic on Delhi roads. It was a smooth and swift drive of about three hours (thanks to the newly paved Yamuna Expressway) that took us to Agra. The weather which was surprisingly pleasant at Delhi, became extremely obnoxious as we reached Agra. High humidity and temperatures took the better of us as soon as we got out of our vehicle. Nonetheless it was the beautiful site of Taj Mahal that kept us going.
In recent times, due to increasing urbanization and prevailing condition of pollution, the local Govt. have taken sufficient measures to ensure that this wonder is least affected by the mentioned factors. All types of vehicles are stopped at a distance of about 1 Km prior to reaching Taj-Mahal. From there on you have to continue your journey either on foot or hire a battery operated vehicle.

The entrance to Taj Mahal is as grand as Taj-Mahal itself. As you enter the premises, your eyes get glued to the mesmerizing façade of Taj Mahal. It stands tall in front, beautifully designed and maintained among lush green gardens. As you start walking towards Taj Mahal, a soothing feeling fills you in. At that moment you could actually imagine and praise the hard work, sweat and labor put in by thousands of workmen and architects in making Taj Mahal. I was dumbfounded at the moment my eyes set upon Taj Mahal and I was speechless for first few minutes.

Taj Mahal that we see today was built in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal, third wife of the then Mughal Emperor – Shahajahan. It is said that Taj Mahal was a symbol of love that Mumtaz saw in her dreams and shared her dream with Shahajahan. At the time of loss of Mumtaz, his third and most beloved wife, Shahajahan ordered to build Taj Mahal. It took about 22 years to completely build Taj Mahal. The estimated cost for building Taj Mahal through years 1631-1653 is estimated to be a whooping 32 million rupees. Love is crazy.. 😉 

It is here, at the basement of Taj Mahal that graves of Shahajahan and Mumtaz Mahal rest in peace.

Now to the engineering part. I was rocked to my core when I grasped the engineering part implemented to build Taj Mahal. The white marble, engraved with aayatein (Arabic sayings) from Kuran cover the entrance door of Taj Mahal, looks beautiful. The amazing fact about these engraved saying is that they look symmetrical no matter how you look at them. They have been engraved in a V-shape to form a symmetrical image to our eyes. The minarets which look symmetrical from all the angles actually stand tilted at 1.5 degrees outwards from Taj Mahal. Reason – in case of any earthquake they would fall away from Taj Mahal without causing any damage. There is one mosque and a restroom for visitors at either side of Taj Mahal, both constructed as a mirror images of each other. The beautiful cravings and artwork that we see on the entrance and at the interior part of Taj Mahal is done on single heavy block of marble brought from thousands kilometers away. The semi-precious stones are made a part of artwork and no piece of paint on the marble as it would, in a longer run would harm the marble. Phew…

All in all I would say that it is must visit place and it was after a long-long time that I enjoyed my Sunday. No one who visits Taj Mahal can resist him or herself from coming back to this place time and again. Cheers.. Rest Later…