Weekends in Vientiane, Laos

This post is for a friend/colleague of mine who asked “we know what you do at Save the Children, what do you do on the weekends?” So for everyone that has been following me on my journey here is a brief overview of what my weekends are like in Vientiane. Hope you enjoy the photos and run down…

A little overview of Vientiane, the capital of Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic)aka People Don’t Rush. We have restaurants galore, food stalls, morning market, evening market, one bowling alley, numerous bars, one church, one mosque, and numerous Buddhist temples. Shopping? Not really. First, the Lao women here are petite, so locally made clothing does not fit me. There are no movie theatres. Fortunately, I found a video store that I can get DVD’s for $1.50 to watch on my computer.

My favorite local Lao Coffee place
My favorite local Lao Coffee place
Cappuccino art
Cappuccino art

When I arrived in Laos, I joined a gym/ pool at a local hotel near my apartment. There will be no photo of me in a bathing suit. I have also travelled with Laos on the weekends to Luang Prabang (45 min. flight, $90ea.way) where I visited the water falls, rode elephants, and hung out with other travelers.

Luang Prabang Food Market
Luang Prabang Food Market

I hope the next picture doesn’t turn you off, but this is a Fish Spa. You place your feet in an aquarium and these small fish swarm around your feet and bite you. In essence, they are eating your dead skin. Great exfoliation ladies! After 15 minutes, the bottoms of my feet were so smooth!

Fish Spa
Fish Spa

The bites felt like little electrical currents. At first, I giggled and shrieked it felt strange. You get used to it.
Yes, I went a second time to elephant village! This time whenever you screamed HAPPY she would take her trunk and smack the water splashing you. I love the elephants!! Going back with my sister on Nov.2!

So for everyone who knows me really well, I have not shopped for clothing or shoes since I arrived 3 MONTHS!! So last weekend, I decided to take a 2 hr.shared taxi across the border to Udon Thani in Thailand. I went to Central Plaza shopping mall. I saw a movie (they are a few months behind… Saw JOBS movie) and had Mickey D’s! I usually don’t go crazy for that, nor eat that when I am abroad, but after 3 months of eating non-American cuisine I needed it! 002. It hit the spot!

Central Mall in Udon Thani, Thailand
Central Mall in Udon Thani, Thailand

The mall was really nice inside. It had 5 levels with an indoor skating rink, and a floor dedicated to beauty! From these Botox Rejuvenation Spas, to these boutiques promising you they can make you skinnier, and skin bleaching clinics. Asians think it is unattractive to be dark or tanned. Overall visit was nice, I did not buy anything. No point in buying US brands, and other brands are made for size 0-4 girls. Not a size 6 like me!
I will be going home next week for a visit, can’t wait to see my boys, hubby, dogs and cats! Then a friend and I (LAS) are heading to Bangkok to shop, sight see and have some girly fun! Next post will be about my vacation.


  1. It is so nice to hear that you find time to pamper yourself! Even though thousands of miles away! It was nice to hear what your town has to do in terms of entertainment too…I love the coffee pics. You made me laugh about the car ride and the cats and dogs…that is sooo Sharona. I bet you can,t wait to get home…looking forward to seeing you next week for lunch! Safe travels! Paula

  2. I finally took a moment to read the latest blog… I can’t believe Mike is on an elephant!!
    It was great to see you at the Bar Mitzvah… Thank you for having us. Mike outdid himself…the setting was beautiful! Everything was just fabulous!!
    Thanks again…enjoy your time abroad!
    Mrs Rodney King

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