How to decode a barcode?

Direct Relief International (DRI) is exactly what our colleague Ann described in her post (link). No way to describe better than her ;). To know what the DRI’s activities are, I can propose you to read Ann’s post.

One month is already passed and, like a lot of us, the time seems to go faster during our assignment.

My project is focused on the Warehouse Logistics. DRI want to use the barcode already printed by the manufacturer on the supplies to manage their stock.


It looks like simple, but it is not. On the surface you can think that you just have to print and stick a label generated by SAP on the supply. But not! This is not the case. Why?

Because DRI is shipping a lot of medicine all over the USA (and internationally). We cannot imagine to stick a label on each bottle, syringe, or medicine we have in stock. So, the solution is to find a way to use the manufacturer’s barcode. This barcode is the same barcode used in the POS (Point Of Sale).

This is very challenging because even if I have the skills to manage stocks and ship supplies to many countries, the implementation of the barcoding is really a new thing for me. NDC, EAN/UPC, GTIN, PDMA, HDMA, GS1-128, AI Code, GLN, GDSN, ePedigree,… and other specific acronym was like another language for me.

Blog1I am at the beginning of the process. A lot of things have to be thought to implement that. Fortunately, I am lucky to work with very smart people. They know very well the DRI structure and help me to make this work very exciting.

This project growth and what was a hope in the beginning become days after days more concrete.

Then, the creation of the database will begin in the next weeks and the test phase will follow shortly.

I’ll let keep you updated!


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