A moment for gratitude

I want to take a moment to give thanks to everyone who has helped with the MARS project thus far. The success of this project has been a team effort and it would not be where it is now without the help and support of those around me, both near and far. My soap campaign has had unexpected attention and support both here and at home which has been incredible. I have been truly touched by the forth coming nature and willingness to help from everybody involved. These have not all been friends and family, some have simply heard about the campaign and offered their support and help through genuine kind-heartedness and generosity.

One such person is Mitul Shah, Director of Bipco Kenya. Mr Shah heard of my project here in Kenya and very kindly sent 570 bars of soap from Nairobi to Kisumu in support of my work. These soaps arrived today In Kisumu and as I thought about preparing a thank you email I found out that tragically Mr Shah had been killed on Saturday in the Westgate Mall attack. I would like to take this opportunity to give sincere thanks on behalf of the MARS project and all the girls it supports to Mr Shah for his very kind and generous donation. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

“A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you…”


To all the other victims and their families, my thoughts and wishes go out to you at this difficult time.


  1. That’s so sad Harshna, I’m sure his family and friends are very proud of him, what he did will not be forgotten 🙂

  2. This is gut wrenching. I know lots of people have helped or offered help to this project. I just feel as though in the best case scenario: if you tell a friend/colleague of yours (or I tell one of mine) about this or any other worthwhile project then perhaps 1 in 10 might show an interest. Again of these 1 in 20 might might do something about it, either donate money/soap/knickers or just mention it to someone else. From what I understand this chap was several levels down this chain and he made an enormous and meaningful gesture to improve the lives of complete strangers. Simultaneously terrorists are killing people, again, people they don’t know. If God does exist, I’m pretty sure whose side he is on.

    Stay safe Hoeshy. Keep up the good work.

    “I am prepared to die, but there is no cause for which I am prepared to kill.” – Gandhi

  3. What sad news Harshna. After such an act of kindness from a generous soul what a dreadful thing to happen. May he rest in peace and others follow his kind and generous example.

    Keep safe! We’re all thinking of you!

  4. Very sad news. My prayers and thoughts are with those who have been affected by this terrible attack . Stay safe Harshna.

  5. Harshna this is sad indeed I have also not been able to on toes with our Kenyan new
    May Sha’S soul RIP. We marveled at the donations of the soap with you when they just arrived and I cant forget the gesture moved us to tears. Such a great donation for that poor girl in the village. He has left a legacy behind.We shall forever remember him as we move with the MARS Project. Be strong girl and keep going for the sake of the girls.

  6. Article in today’s times about Mitul Shah on the front page. He was killed whilst trying to negotiate with the terrorists to free children being held hostage. I am utterly speechless.

  7. The success of my daughter’s project has been a part global team effort and having seen the collections from the donations we carried to the ones arrived by shipment of others is indicative of all human nature. Ananad, my son in law will soon be takinf another load collected and recived by my daughter Dina who brought it to our house for Anand to take. THIS IS GREAT and appears to have gone beyond all expectations.
    I am proud of Harshna’s effort and hope that ALL the collection gets distributed equally to all the children and staff she is involved with. “”Fahari ya Harshna””. It is an eye opener when you witness the effort Harshna is making but this is small but I believe that the GSK’s Commitment globally each year with PULSE is truely a humanitarian effort in assisting all under priveledged. I am through my daughter is happy to be part of this great EFFORT.

    Deepest regret to hear of MITUL SHAH, a fellow whose genorisity has been touched and our prayers are with hos family and friends. It seems that all good people leave us with some memory. GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.

    Ohm Shanti, Ohm Shanti.


    Love mum & Dad.

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