YOU Matter: An Invitation to Be the Change


Several of you have graciously written and expressed your interest and support in improving Philadelphia Public Schools. But many of us also aren’t sure what role we (as individuals) or our businesses can play in shaping the new future. The event on October 24th (invite below) will be an interesting one where some key people in the city will talk about various forms of collaboration needed, both small- and large-scale, to create the schools our kids need and deserve. From this dialogue, we all may be in a more informed position to know where we can best contribute.

I will be at this event and invite you to come as well. Come, get involved! Believe me, YOU are the voice our Philly kids are relying on. YOU matter. Register and please invite others. …Be the change!

Will you join me?


Join Need in Deed for a conversation about harnessing the power of partnerships to benefit public education. There will be two parts to this event – one a “micro” look at partnerships and collaboration, and the other a more “macro” exploration of this theme.

  • We’ll first look at how partnerships between Need in Deed constituents – teachers, students, community organizations and corporate partners – work in the classroom. Teacher Leslie Greenberg and her former student, Scott Clarke, will join Conestoga Bank’s Nan Kelly and PAWS Executive Director Melissa Levy in reflecting on how the partnerships fostered by NID led to transformative experiences, inside the classroom and out.
  • Next we will welcome a new set of panelists to talk about how this type of transformation could happen on a much larger scale in order to create the public education system we want to provide for children in Philadelphia. Carol Domb, principal of Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP), and former prinicipal of McCall Elementary School, will join Stacy Holland, Chief of Strategic Partnerships for the School District of Philadelphia (SDP), and Brian Sims, Pennsylvania State Representative, 182nd District, to talk about the policy, strategy and vision needed to create transformative partnerships at this level.

Both discussions and a Q&A session will be moderated by Need In Deed Executive Director Kimberly Kirn.

The first panel starts at 5 PM, but feel free to arrive as early as 4:30 to mingle and enjoy light refreshments

Register HERE:

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  1. I always love reading your blogs, Sarah. Thanks for your enduring passion & commitment – and for continuing to find ways for others to get involved and contribute to “being the change” too. Oftentimes we stumble around what we can practically do to make a difference. You’re making it easier for us to answer this question. Thank you!

  2. Sarah – Kudos for leading and being the change you want to see. As a product of the Philadelphia School System, my heart goes out to all who are impacted by the challenges of effectively serving the children and delivering a high quality education. What can I do, is an oft asked question, yet there are few things the average parent/ advocate actually wishes to take on.

    While I no longer live in the state and have no children in the school system, I do hope you can help turn the dialogue into tangible actions. I feel some ADP tactics could help here!

  3. Sarah, I won’t be in Philly that week so I will not be able to attend. I am leading an Employee Resource Group at GSK in Philadelphia, Conexion Latina, and we are looking at ways to engage with schools and other stakeholders in the area. Would love to chat with you at some point about how we, as employees, can contribute further to the school system in Philly. While our focus is mainly Latino students and schools with large Latino populations, being able to see what happens at a larger scale will definitely help drive our efforts. Good job and great to see you so passionate and involved!

  4. Sarah-Love reading your blogs. They bring the mission of the Education Fund and the importance of public education back to the forefront of my mind. I may be on vacation during the October 24th event but if I’m not I will work to be there. I’m looking forward to hearing how things are progessing when me, Ryan and Nancy return for a site visit. Thanks for keeping us informed and for all that you are doing. Hello to everyone from me.

  5. Sarah- your blog is always so thoughtful yet hopeful! I would love to join the conversation on Oct. 24- thanks for the heads up.

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