Rainbow After The Storm


IMG_1048 - Copy
My last post was somewhat dark so I wanted to immediately follow with some sunshine.

We went to Kisii for a daytrip last Saturday and visited the area where local artisans mine and make beautiful sculptures from soapstone. You can look it up online by googling Kisii Soapstone. We spent the afternoon watching how the sculptures were carved, washed, sanded and finally polished.

The artists children flocked to see us and of course we were completely enchanted with them. How could you not instantly feel happy when you look at these little faces!!

There is a lot of sadness and hardship here but the people are strong and carry on regardless. One of my colleagues asked me “how did you remain so calm” following my recent adventure noted in my last blog “Her Name Was Jane”.

What else can you do… It is what it is!! The nurses at the hospital call me Amondi. Maybe I am embracing my African spirit!

I purposely am not writing much in this blog. I just want to share some “faces of Africa” and bring a little fun. The children made me happy, maybe they will make you smile too.

Until next time…..


  1. I just purchased a Kisii Soapstone sculpture from Africa at the 10,000 Villages Fair Trade Store in Center City Philadelphia. It is called The Unity Sculpture; I really love it….Best Wishes.

  2. So nice for you to have a happy experience after your last post. The children look adorable. Stay safe as you embrace your journeys

  3. Nice Pictures; good to see that you recovered from the experiences of the prior week; see you in October; you need a break–Mike + Brodie.

  4. So nice to see the wee smiley faces and unfortunately they have no choices but to get on with it and make the best of what they have. Wee boy in second picture has the cutest smile. Take care and savour all your experiences, good and bad, they make us who we are and very grateful for what we have.

  5. Jane , Please send me your gmail address. I cannot decipher your writing (sorry) I met you in August with my work with Operation Karibu/2020MicroClinic. (teaching women to sew) I would like to keep in touch with you and have some questions for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warmest regards,
    Mary Charipar

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