One Weekend in Cape Town

My last blog was a little on the heavy side detailing the fall-out from the apartheid era regarding townships. Of course, Cape Town is not without social issues but I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t attempt to convey to you all how truly beautiful it is here. Therefore, I have dedicated this blog to one single weekend in Cape Town, imagine what you could do in a week!!!

A friend named Julian Levell (a senior scientist on placement from Novartis) and I travelled approximately 1 hour north of Cape Town to view the wild flowers near a quaint town called Darling. For two months each year wild flowers bloom in fields along the western coast. It is quite magical to see, there are so many different varieties, shapes and colours all growing together to produce blankets of colour.


We then went on to a beautiful seaside town named Yzerfontein for a nice seafood lunch. We were wondering why we had the whole beach to ourselves, our answer came when we noticed that our visit coincided with the South Africa vs. Australia rugby game 🙂


Next we visited Western Cape National Park where we saw a variety of game including Zebra and Springbok, the hi-light for me came when we spotted a herd of Giraffes!!!


On top of this great day drip I also went to a performance by the Cape Town Youth Choir one evening with friends Antonina Wasuna and Tanya Paquet which was a real treat. The following day I went to a local vibrant food and crafts market at Hout Bay for a late lunch with a friend named Claire Le Manach, we then went on to a hike along the coast in the afternoon. At some point I also managed to fit in a 12 mile run with the same group of friends (additionally Leslie Street) as the majority of us are in training for a half marathon in October. The race coincides with Anis’s visit so he is also taking part; I hope he is getting some training in 🙂

Basically, I am well and truly in love with Cape Town! I strongly suggest that anyone who has not visited already should book up a trip ASAP!


  1. Soungs amazing!! It’s good to see how much South Africa has to offer!! But I am sure you can find all of that on Santosa Island here in Singapore!! 😉 (not quite the same I know). I will check on Anis and his training for the 1/2-marathon!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I am very jealous. I wish I could visit Cape Town again. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your fellowship.

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