Tell it Right, Start it Right


Almost half way through my assignment now. Had a lovely 7 day break with my two daughters in Crete so it was good to come back with energy to continue with the communication plan. Before I did go on holiday I had a one months progress review with my Pulse supervisor at the Down Syndrome Association (DSA). It was great to hear lots of positive feedback and to know that I was making a difference just by being present in the organisation and helping them think differently about everyday processes.

The photo insert….sorry not a photo of West Middlesex Hospital, where I attended a training run by the DSA that was provided to midwives. Tell it Right is a Campaign ran by the DSA since 2009 which aims at educating primarily midwives and healthcare professionals with accurate, balanced and up to date information about Down’s Syndrome so that they can best support parents of new born babies with Down’s Syndrome before and after the birth. The training was brought to life by the passion and hands on experience of Lou, who is a DSA trainer and also by presence of 4 parents who talked about their experience and how they were told the news and how they were poorly supported before and after the birth of their baby due to the naivety and lack of knowledge of the medical staff. It was an engaging training and emotional in parts. Katie also attended, a young lady who works at the DSA as a Journal Editor, to talk about how full and wonderful life is despite the fact that she has Down’s syndrome. Her story was truly inspiring, and clearly gave the message that she was still a loving and enthusiastic individual whose parents are proud of. It was a great experience for me to be at the training and just a glimpse of the great work the DSA do.

The other news I have is that having the advantage of working in London, I popped into GSK House to talk to someone in GSK IT (thanks Damian) to get some ideas about building an effective collaboration space tool (like SharePoint or Team Sites) within the organisation. So I got some good advice and it was nice to be in my old “home” and I even had a Kix Coffee and caught up with my manager and a few colleagues which was really wonderful.


  1. Good to see you yesterday Pari. And thanks for blogging about the Tell it Right training. I’m so happy to hear that this training is still going well and making such a difference, especially as I worked on generating the evidence for this campaign during my PULSE assignment in 2009.

  2. Sounds like you are really making a difference – and I am grateful that you are not only sharing the work that you are doing but also the work that the organisation is doing – it is really inspirational. Thanks Pari.

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