From zeros to heroes

Their caption not mine.

Christopher and Nicholas at work
Puncture at night, again

Project Hope is required to collect evidence that progress is being made towards reaching their stated objectives. When the children’s embassy was first opened the vision was that the compound would become a safe haven for all children in Munsieville and that the children themselves would play a big part in how the facility is used. So popular is the embassy with children that the grass laid out in the garden area is permanently worn bare. Christopher and Nicholas, Thoughtful Volunteers, happily take on the task of digging up the grass area and replacing it with a paved area that will be coloured by the children with the markings needed for popular games such as hop scotch. The Young Ambassadors who make use of the Embassy are hopefully the Thoughtful Volunteers of the future.

The grass will not be wasted and is to be replanted at the Enterprise Zone, Mayibuye. This area is being developed by the local community, with support from Project Hope, to become an area where small businesses can operate out of. Already a co-operative of woman have set up a brick laying business and there are plans for a bakery and an arts and crafts centre. The Zone will be officially launched on 6th September. Hopefully one day the grass will have to move again.

Christopher and Nicholas are certainly heroes in my eyes. They help around the embassy, have been enthusiastic members of the survey team and most importantly have fixed punctures on my front left tyre two times already.


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