Don’t mess with a granny


One of the challenges of carrying out the survey of caregivers and their children is finding a time when both will be at home. Although we are now visiting after school hours, the children may be out playing or the caregiver away at work. The team consider this problem and six volunteers agree to work on Saturday to try and revisit such homes. As ever Christopher provides the entertainment on the walk to the informal settlement. The role of the elders in the community is being discussed.

“Man these grannies can talk. You can leave a granny at nine in the morning and come back at three and she will still be there talking the same thing. These grannies can be strict. You don’t want to grow up with a granny. She’ll tell you what does a young boy want with tea in the afternoon? You only need tea in the morning, she don’t want you wetting the bed.  Sometimes if a granny buys in meat she’ll keep it to herself and tell you that meat is not food for children. But they have experience you can learn from them. But these are different times. Grannies are getting younger they perm and dye their hair and what not. You don’t want to go into a grannies home alone you may not come out. No, you don’t want to mess with a granny”.


    1. Thanks Clara, good luck with your work in India, Kala Azar sounds like a very unpleasant condition so I hope you have good progress working with both patients and those managing the condition.

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