Learning Disability Week!

This week is Learning Disability week, an annual awareness-raising campaign organised by Mencap. Mencap is celebrating people with a learning disability, their families and supporters by asking the question: Who is your real-life superhero? There are lots of stories of strength, courage and achievement being shared…

Tom is dad to Rosie and has written a touching blog about why “this little two year old (with her special powers of course) has managed to adjust my outlook on life and really changed the way I see the world.”

Caroline White lives in Bath with her husband and their three children. Her eldest son has Down’s syndrome. She is passionate about inclusion and what it can do to remove stereotypes associated with the condition, and so is also backing Mencap’s call for superhero stories with a lovely blog.

Mrs White said: “If you asked either of my boys to name their super-hero, the answer is guaranteed to be either Buzz Lightyear or Spiderman. Although deep down I suspect their real superhero is the same as mine. Their Dad. My husband Simon has never batted an eyelid about Seb’s condition and in those early, tough days, made ‘different’ normal. Seb is an equal and valued member of our little family and Simon has always made sure he is treated that way. I wouldn’t swap our family for the world.”

Lloyd is one of my Mencap colleagues and here Lloyd blogs about his real life superhero – Jim, the super hero nurse!

Plenty more superhero stories to inspire you here. The hope is that by sharing some of the positive stories that Mencap hears about every day, we are fighting the stigma and discrimination that many people with a learning disability face every day.