August 16


First Week at Society for Child Development

Hi All! It’s been a week now that I have joined Society for Child Development (SCD). Initially it was quite difficult for me to adjust to the environment. Long travelling distance, metro rush and serious time management issues (..on my part) were just few to mention.  However I have coped up with them now and adopted to the new set-up, as life in New Delhi moves with real fast pace. In this fast paced life, I think we all should slow down once in a while, observe the world around us and appreciate how blessed we are in our own ways.

Life can be harsh. But for people who are suffering from intellectual or physical challenges, it can be cruel too. Such people are really difficult to manage as they have absolutely no idea of what they are doing. People are losing patience in this fast paced world, so much so, that even parents don’t want their disabled kids or parents to stay at home.

SCD is an NGO who takes care of such differently abled kids and adults and tries to impart to them education and skill based knowledge and to latter – employment.  SCD is sub-divided into three other programs which attend to different areas of charity work. I am working with their Trash to Cash program– an advanced skill based development program where SCD converts various scrap raw material (basically clothing stuff) into materials of arts, craft and stationary and sells these into the market. This program has given employment to around 30 people who are differently abled.

The staff here is only a handful but all are young and highly passionate and committed towards their duties. There are no SOPs here, no Job Descriptions, just random work which people do with their heart and soul. I am really impressed by seeing the dedication of people here. However lack of a proper system of execution does cause these guys a lot of trouble.

Initially I have been asked to channelize the efforts of these people. I have been asked to develop a system which could be easily followed given the current state of work practice of NGO. I am working on it. Lets hope for the best. Will bring updates on it soon. Rest later…