4 weeks before I go…

First blog, first try!

I read other PULSE volunteers blogs and I feel my turn will never come!

I am leaving Quebec City (Canada) for Democratic Republic of Congo on September 3rd. I will join Save the Children in Kinshasa where my main project will be on improving the supply chain of vaccines and medicines to the country’s health centres. I do not have much details so far, I have been told I will have plenty of time when I’ll get there. No stress… well, no stress for them!

I am getting ready. I just sent my visa application (what a journey…). I run for summer clothes sales. I make lists of things I’ll need, knowing I’ll have to cut down to a shorter list…

4 weeks to go, 4 weeks to get prepare, 4 weeks to say goodbye to friends and 4 weeks to spend as much time as possible with my family.

Merci à Stéphane, mon conjoint, et à Thomas et Delphine, mes enfants, de me laisser partir. C’est parce qu’ils sont merveilleux que je peux me permettre cette aventure. Merci à mes parents, qui même s’ils ne l’acceptaient pas toujours, ne m’ont jamais empêchée de vivre mes défis.

Thank you to GSK for that great opportunity!



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