The Third Sector and Strategic Planning


So what is this picture? Well I feel bad that I can’t share with you amazing pictures from a developing country. This is the fan that sits on my desk at the National Offices of the Down’s Syndrome Association in Teddington UK. It has kept me cool and functional for the past 3 weeks.

I have been reading magazines called the “Third Sector” which gives you news about the volunteer sector/world of charities/non-profit world. This is a UK specific magazine. Fascinating as so different to the Pharmaceutical world yet we have some common goals. Fundraising is much of a challenge as charities compete to raise funds for similar causes. The bottom line in whatever charity they are they strive to make lives better for the communities they support and that is a reward in itself to working in the non-profit sector.

So back to my task. Where am I with my strategic communication plan?

It’s an 8 step plan
1- Defining the mission, goal and current situation
2- Defining the organisational objectives
3- Identifying the audience
4- Defining the message
5- Writing the communication objectives
6- Identifying the communication vehicles and strategies
7- Monitoring and evaluation of the plan
8- Working action plan with timelines/owners and budget

Well week 6 and I am on step 3 but have researched also all of the other steps. Writing the plan will not be hard, implementing it is another story specially with limited budget but that’s a challenge all non-profits face. Still I am sure all of you Pulse volunteers have realised by now that nothing is impossible and we can achieve things with next to no budget. Bet you didn’t know that when you were working in GSK 🙂

Anyway the last thing I want to share with you is to say….go google Anthony Robins…he is a motivational speaker and life and business coach. I don’t much buy in to that stuff, but listening to his CD really motivates me. Key message are:

– People who succeed always have a “passion” about what they do
– There is no such thing as CAN’T
– There is no such thing as “failure” – when you don’t succeed learn from it and start again

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