July 24


3 weeks and a lifetime


It’s been exactly 3 weeks and a lifetime since I arrived in Cambodia. Feeling much more settled at home and work, though this experience is a lot like peeling onions. There are layers and layers and layers to be explored – a good thing I’m thinking!

So an opportunity for reflection of sorts – what HAVE I learned so far?

1.Enough about “vector borne diseases” to have serious nightmares.   For now, that means nets, spray and meds every single day without exception (and I’m lucky – I have what I need).   When I get home, I’m buying stock in mosquito repellents.

2. That there are roughly 3,000 NGOs in Cambodia. That’s right, three thousand. Mind boggling.   A topic for a whole ‘nother blog or two on stakeholder and communication alignment.  And I though GSK was complicated.

3. That I am no longer the shortest person, but it is entirely possible that  I am the most colorfully dressed.

4. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that cannot be stacked up and transported by motobike.

5. Rent is expensive, food is not. $20 goes a long long way at the market.

6. Cambodians are utterly fearless on the road – no matter what they are driving, riding, pushing…

7. Nobody walks here – except me and I’m clearly crazy.

8. Skype is a gift – even when it makes me look like I’m underwater.

9. Yes, you really can by fried crickets and spiders at Central Market.  And no, I have not tried them… not yet anyway.