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It will be a month exactly tomorrow since I started with the Down’s Syndrome Association. Today I wrote an article for their Blog! This actually wasn’t a part of my assignment. However when I got here I did say to the team to consider me as an extra pair of hands for 6 months and to give me any little projects or bits and pieces that I could help with. That made me start hands on and feel like I’m actually contributing. Anyway if you want to have a read (it’s short) ..Here it is!

So what else have I been doing? As part of the communication plan I had to do a SWOT and a PEST analysis. The latter is particularly important for the non-profit sector. You will of course need input from the team.


Political Forces
Economical Forces
Soical Forces
Technical Forces

What’s next on the communication plan? Well you will have to read my next blog!

I will say also that I met with a group of UK based Pulse volunteers last week. It was fantastic to talk about our experiences so far. We were all pretty much in the same place.A little anxiety with questions such as “Are we doing enough? Are we going to deliver what is expected? What will we take back to GSK?” At the end of the Pimms and lemonade :), we were all assured that YES we will make a difference. We need to stay connected to our peer volunteers to share experiences and stay motivated and that indeed what we will take back to GSK at a minimum will be our developed transferable skills!

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