Food for thought ;)

Unbelievable! Forth week completed! Or maybe not, I’m on African time now, somehow it’s slower but faster… Confusing? Yes I know, all done on purpose 😉

But let’s get back to European standards. Four weeks have passed and you are probably wondering what actually I am doing here? That is a very good question. As mentioned some time ago, my assignment is to work with local team on improvements in supply chain. Very broad, isn’t it? For this reason during last few I have been meeting new people and having countless chats and discussions in order to understand current situation, challenges and their needs. We talked about:

–          warehousing,

–          distribution,

–          quantification,

–          procurement.

The list “wish to have”, as you can imagine, is long, resources however are limited. Due to the number of challenges we had to agree on the priorities and in each of the above areas we identified a couple of things we would work on in the next few months. What will that be? Some examples below:

–          KPI implementation & monitoring

–          expiring stock management process & tools

–          stock monitoring; tools to be designed and implemented

Don’t be then surprised if one day in your Inbox you find an email from me with a kind request for help! 😉

Today, to take a bit different approach, we played The Beer Game. Do you remember when we played it in SCH and what results we got in the end? Look at graphs below, to me they look familiar.

Blog order

Blog SO

Blog total cost

I was happy to see people getting involved, firstly in the game and in the discussion afterwards, when some really valid and interesting comments were shared. What’s more important, people enjoyed this exercise and left the room with fresh food for thought. They even asked if we could play again next week. 😉

Ok, I admit… There was also a surprise cake in the end… 🙂


  1. What an amazing journal entry. You are truly helping and changing people’s lives. As always, we take for granted all the choices and services we have here.

  2. Great stuff Ania, looking forward to hearing how the lessons are embedded and if there is anything we (SCH) can learn

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