“Hey: Nigerian Culture Talks”

Nigerian Culture

Actually, I’m in my third week of my Pulse assignment in Nigeria. But I’ll spend this week in Lagos not Abuja due to business needs.

What I’ve noticed that Nigerian culture is really a wealthy culture and I assume that 6 months are not enough to discover all aspects of this interesting culture.

Here you are some of the cultural features that I’ve noticed and collect data about it.

  • “Kaftan” which is the popular dressing for men in the northern areas of Nigeria as shown in the picture.
  • “Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba” are the most famous languages in Nigeria as well as English and there are many other languages.
    By the way I’ve started to get my own Yoruba lessons from one of our colleagues in Abuja office and I’ve learned almost 6 words.
  • “K eke-Napep” is on of the most popular transportation means in some places of Nigeria like Lagos.

Here you are also some pictures of famous Nigerian dishes.
I’ll update you with all my news about Nigerian culture.