July 17

ALSF: Add Your Caption—“Ollie at Work”

IMG_9360Ollie at workOk, I’ve got a thing for dogs. Feel free to unleash your creative streak, and share a caption for this great photo. Ollie, ALSF Director Jay Scott’s pooch, makes frequent visits to the office. He usually shows up and makes his presence known if someone is on vacation, off for the day or at a meeting, and he fills in with consummate ease and professionalism. Web guru, Craig, is usually the recipient of Ollie ‘borrowing” his office, with some good natured ribbing about increased productivity. What this emphasizes to me is the relaxed environment present in these offices that in no way impacts productivity. They work long hours, yet find time to enjoy each other and have fun (sometimes forgotten in the hustle bustle corporate world).

At the start of my third week in Philadelphia, I’m getting comfortable (kinda) with: 1) the route to the office; Am I an official resident when I recognize and pass the same cyclist on the street every morning? 2) the myriad of terms associated with the daily operation at Alex’s (i.e. the difference between Event, Special Event, and Other Event— who knew?). Last week I mentioned the small group meetings to enhance my understanding of individual department goals, and those will be wrapped up by next week. My level of understanding has been accelerated because of the open dialogue with every person I’ve spoken to about the Strategic Plan. I continue to gain important insights on how to best translate the Imperatives into specific tactics that we can all wrap our heads and arms around.

The next few days will be particularly busy for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The 18th Annual Auntie Anne’s C.A.R.E.S. Charity Golf Tournament (a portion of the proceeds will benefit ALSF) in Lancaster, PA on Friday, and the 2nd Annual Lemon Ride Philadelphia! in Doylestown, PA on July 21. I’ll be attending both events, and will update you next week.

The week wrapped up with a photographer coming to take staff pictures, and they’ll be posted on the website soon (alexslemonade.org). He told us to pose with lemons as we like; I was last to go and the imaginative crew before me were juggling, playing ping pong, making lemonade—you get the idea. Since the only options I could think of were taking a bite (plastic–lacks flavor), or tossing it at the photographer (violence is never a good idea), I chose the “smile and hold”. Talk to you next week!