I may as well be in Africa

photo starbucks

It was 32 degrees celcius as I walked home from work yesterday, and was I in the heart of Africa. NO!!! I was in Teddington, National offices of Down’s Syndrome Association and I JUST had to have an iced Frappacinno after my long walk!!!

The office was sooo hot yesterday, fans were not effective. I sat there planning the survey I was going to send out on communications. As I said before my key task to come up with a communication plan for the organisation. Here are my thoughts as the questions began to formulate in my head. What information do I want to get out from this survey? What am I going to do with the data? And here are some tips I recommend after having the chance to think about this key task which all of my hard work will be dependent on: The first step is often the most important so let’s get it right!

Here are 10 tips!
1-Simple Language
2-Short questions and short survey
3-Limit questions to one idea or concept (not multiple)
4-Ask yourself “so what” with each question
5-Don’t write leading questions
6-Avoid double negatives
7-Write open ended questions sparingly… analysis will be difficult
8-Don’t make list of choices too long
9-Write the most interesting questions first to engage and grab attention

Another really key tip I need to add is: ask yourself who is your audience? My mind was working in the mode of business..forgetting that I was sending one of the surveys to members of the association who were by enlarge parents and carers; business jargon was no good. Had to make it much more soft and simple.

Anyway good luck and stay tuned as I share more nuggets of wisdom with you 😉 Today I am continuing to review the organisation’s main website. With the goal of proposing an update to maximise dissemination of information and optimise usability.


  1. Hi Pari, great to hear how you are getting on. Your list of tips for surveys reminds me of the exact same list I came up when I was developing surveys during my PULSE assignment! The good news is it seemed to work for me!

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