I went to the Jail


With the beginning of my third week with Kherwadi Social Welfare Association (KSWA), I went to the Jail. But not for committing a crime but to encourage prisoners waiting on trial to enrol in Vocational training courses with the Yuva Parivartan project of KSWA.

Our society does not accept criminals and it has been found very difficult for inmates to integrate into main stream. These youth inmate suffer from negative thinking and are psychologically disturbed. The lure to earn fast and easy money pushes them to crime without imagining its consequences & its impact on their personal and social life. Inmates find it difficult to get jobs/self employment for lack of skill training. Society & family members reject them. The stigma of being an offender renders them helpless to do anything and they again turn to crime to earn money. Kherwadi Social Welfare Association in Mumbai, India (Yuva Parivartan) through the Prison Project is committed to help these first time offenders to regain their rightful place in the society and desist from the life of crime.


Approximately 2000 inmates have successfully completed their vocational training under this programme.  They are in the process of developing their project by offering them a variety of courses and giving them a chance for self employment. They also plan to have a tracking mechanism in place to monitor and help them even after their release from jails. This activity would need resources in terms of money, material and manpower as this project has no corporate sponsor as yet.  Please check out the KSWA website to see more about this and other projects.



  1. Hey Samy, hard to believe that we went to jail today, but you have the photos to prove it. It was for a good reason and we saw how important the work that KSWA has to do in transforming lives!

  2. Great to read about your early adventures Samy and Yolando – I was so impressed by my short visit to KSWA last year. They are doing some amazing work with youth – giving them a second chance.

    1. Yes Sue, they are really a grass roots organization in the very communities where the social needs are present.

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