“…[N]ot everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted*

I’ve completed my 13th day at El Futuro, like with a newborn baby my time here is still so new that I’m counting it in days – so the countdown now will be weeks, soon it will be months…

I feel full, which is understandable as I would describe my time so far as the “sponge” phase.  I’ve been soaking up information in a steady flow.  In addition, I’ve learned new IT skills there is no “help desk” here. I’ve entered the world of Google: Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive, all available free of charge and thus very useful in the non-profit world.  

I have also been discovering more about my new work neighborhood.  I am located at the nexus of sweet treats – ice cream, cupcakes and baked goods of all sorts are within steps of my new office.  Thus far I have limited my purchases to a daily cup of coffee and continue, as is my habit,  to pack my lunch and bring it from home.  I know it is a “slippery slope”, once I taste the brownies they bake next door (I’ve heard they are delicious) I’ll be done for.

Today I attended my first all-staff meeting (a monthly occurrence) in Carrboro, NC the second of the three offices where patients are seen.  I was tremendously moved by the “Celebrations” shared by the therapists at the end of our meeting — putting the “patient first” is a direct and sometimes overwhelming factor in the work they do.  The underserved Latino population who comes seeking mental health and substance abuse counseling have often experienced first-hand trauma and abuse as part of their immigration journey.  I feel privileged to have a small role for these next few months in contributing to El Futuro’s mission.

* quote by William Bruce Cameron (Sociologist)


  1. Hi Randee,
    Your blogs provide a strong reminder of how insulated we are within the structure and resources that GSK provides. The reality of everyday comforts that we take for granted, as contrasted with each success that your team celebrates provides great insights and apprciation for the work being done by El Futuro. Safe jouney! Diane

  2. I am glad to hear about the monthly “Celebrations” that serve as a reminder of a mission that is critical to the Latino community.

    Despite the lack of IT Helpdesk, it is a much better world with Google now providing us so many applications which are maintained and hosted for public use. It is perhaps much easier for Non-profits today to establish communications through free IT Platforms than in the Pre-Google days.

    It is great to hear that you are settling in. I wish you the best!

  3. Hi Randee:
    I love reading your blog. I am so glad that you are getting to be a sponge and are able to contribute there at El Futuro. it must ne very moving to see/ hear the impact the organization has on the “patient” first- secondhand!

  4. Hello Randee, How great to be part of these real experiences of helping people in the community. I’m enjoying your blog and how you are adapting to the flow of the new environment. All the best.

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