12 Jul 2013 – Exploring Bratislava (Part II)

Under popular request, here is another special posting of just pictures.  Enjoy!  🙂

Hviezdoslavovo Námestie Square


Hviezdoslavovo Námestie Square with Hviezdoslav statue in view.

(Hviezdoslav, a famous Slovak poet)


American Embassy.  People playing chess in front!


 Carlton hotel – originally constructed in 1837, lots of famous people stayed here…


 Slovak National Theatre


Slovak Philharmonic – San Jose Youth Symphony (USA) performed here on 01 Jul.  🙂

 Bratislava Castle – Hrad


 Entry way to Castle


Hrad — Castle (Originally I misread it as “Hard” Castle.  Haha.  The word “hrad” is castle in Slovak!)

Grassalkovich Palace


 This is the residence of the Slovakia president.  Hodžova Námestie square in front.

Unfortunately I did not see the president.  :p

Danube River


Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (road bridge) over the Danube river


 You can see the part of the Apollo Bridge on the back left.  It is the curved bridge some distance away!


  1. Thanks for sharing very nice photos of Bratislava . It looks like you are having fun and also excitement regarding new projects and looking forward to visit Roma settlement. Have a safe trip and give us update when you return.


  2. I like the life-size chess board in front of the American Embassy. You should get a bunch of kids to play the part of the different pieces!

    Is the Carlton Hotel part of the old Ritz-Carlton network? Or is it completely different?

    Take a river cruise up the Danube!

    On another note, how fast is the Internet connection there? It’s gotta be super-fast, right?

    1. Yes, the hotel was part of the old Ritz-Carlton network but I don’t think it is now. Definitely will take a river cruise up the Danube one day… 🙂 By the way, can you believe right next to the Danube river where I took the pictures, there was actually free wifi and provided by Taiwan? 😉

  3. Hey there Phoebe.
    The Carlton Hotel? Wow! Famous people stayed there? I bet some infamous people as well. Boy, if walls could speak!
    Are you adjusting to your new diet?
    Keep your meds with you when you travel.
    Praying for your trip.

    1. Yup, if the walls could speak!!! I am adjusting to my diet ok. This past week on field trip, I got to try Slovak cuisine, which has LOTS of cheese and is quite heavy. I ended up asking my colleagues to help me order “light”. Haha. Thanks for praying. 🙂

  4. Pheobe, Bratislava looks lovely, nice and sunny too. You may have heard we’ve had non-stop rain for most of the past 2 weeks here in NC. Hope you are enjoying new adventures. Cheers, Randee

  5. Ok, I am jealous. It looks like you have too much fun there while I am working my butt off here. hehe…But I am glad you are having a great time, my sister!

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