I’m Famous. (At least to my kids.)

So the Raleigh News & Observer has learned what all my friends already know… that the only thing that outshines my sparkling wit and profound intelligence is my devastating good looks. (Yes, I jest.) You see, they did an article about the GSK PULSE program this past Sunday as the featured article in the Business section. I did a phone interview which I thought went pretty darn well… and they didn’t print a single thing I said, choosing instead to run a couple of pictures of me. Sitting and walking. Yes, it’s true: I can do both… and often do.

But aside from being able to prove to my kids that, yes, I really do stare at a computer screen all day… it is some good press for the GSK program, and gets in a very brief mention for the nonprofit for which I’m working: Urban Ministries of Wake County. There’s even a picture of Tim Jensen, the other GSK volunteer who’s here as well. So take a look and let me know what you think. If you were a newspaper editor, would YOU put a picture of ME in your paper?!?


And I know at least one person read the article, because Hannah, who manages volunteer services here, got a call asking if “Mark from the PULSE program” needed volunteers. When told there were many ways to volunteer at Urban Ministries, the caller said she specifically wanted to work under the PULSE program. So perhaps GSK will get a new job applicant. 🙂