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photo dsa
So how much do you know about Down’s syndrome (DS)? I know a lot more now than I did 3 weeks ago which is when I started my Pulse assignment at the Down’s syndrome Association. Everyone with DS will have some degree of learning disability. Certain physical characteristics are common in people with DS as they can be prone to certain medical conditions. However everyone with DS is an individual with their own strength and weaknesses and personality traits which makes them the special individuals they are. The photo insert is part of a photographic exhibition and a project ran by the DSA, sponsored by GSK since 2007. The photographs show positive imaginary of people with Down’s syndrome and since 2003 when the initiative started, have helped “shift perspectives” of the general public and raise awareness about DS.

Did you know that for every 1,000 babies born in the UK, one will have DS and about 600 babies with DS are born in the UK every year. The DSA provide information and support for DS to all those who need it including new parents, families, healthcare professionals and people with Down’s syndrome. The DSA continues to champion the rights of people with DS to help ensure they have the support and opportunities they need to live the lives of their choosing.

I have the challenging task of creating an overall communication plan for the organisation, which includes an implementation and a maintenance plan, that will help them achieve their organisational objectives in the next 3 years. As a non-profit organisation, budget is much restrained so the implementation plan needs to be “in-expensive” or preferably free! :). So anyway here is the nugget of information I want to share with you. A survey tool that you can use which is extremely easy to use and it’s free if you only want to use 10 questions. SurveyMonkey. Google it! Not sure why I had never come across it in GSK. I am planning to use it for baseline survey to members about satisfaction with current e-communications…check it out!!! 🙂


  1. Super blog – lovely to hear from you Pari! Sounds like there is alot of learning going on – snap! Looking forward to meeting up next week!

  2. Great to hear how you are getting on Pari. Sounds like a great idea to share experience of writing or using communications plans with other PULSE volunteers!

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