July 10


I’m Finally Here!

After 23 hours of traveling halfway around the world, I finally arrived in Malaysia! Wahoo! I left at 10:55 am from Dulles airport in Washington D.C. on Monday, July 8th, made one stop in Dubai, and then arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 11 pm last night (July 9th). I can’t lie, the long flights were rough, but I am so happy to be here! My new “foster parents,” aka my new boss Tiki and his wife Maple, picked me up at the airport. I disliked meeting them after my long travel journey, I didn’t look or smell my best! Right away they were both so welcoming and kind to me. It feels great to know I have good people to guide, and look out for me along my PULSE assignment in this unfamiliar country.
Today was my first day and I woke up late, but Tiki and Maple told me to sleep in, so understanding of the jet lag. The time difference is 12 hours ahead here in Kuala Lumpur. They picked me up at my hotel, and then showed me the newly renovated office for Stop Hunger Now, where I will be working out of for the next six months. The office is nice, and located in this complex called Publika. The place is absolutely huge, and filled not only with offices, but tons of diverse restaurants, and stores. It is so big it might take me a week to learn how to get around the office complex. I hope I learn fast! I feel a little overwhelmed with so much unknown, but I am keeping my positive attitude, totally up for the challenge, and look forward to my adventure ahead. Stay tuned…