July 09




In life, we may not always have the exact answers to when or why, but many times we have to trust that inner voice that is speaking to each of us. Like many of my fellow PULSE colleagues, something was placed in my heart to want to serve at another level.  Have you experienced similar feelings?

The next three months will be spent working with the Legal Clinic for the Disabled in Philadelphia, PA. During my brief time working with them, I have learned so much about patients with disabilities that need to have their voices heard when it comes to social determinants that impact health-outcomes. The staff at this non profit organization is amazing. I am truly getting the chance to understand their business dynamics and needs for them to continue the meaningful work that they do everyday.

In the Philadelphia area, there is a large number of people living with disabilities. Many of these patients have been excluded from the workforce which ultimately impacts their ability to provide for themselves. I am thankful for organizations like LCD that provides resources for them.

The physical transition to Philadelphia has been a great process, thanks to the help of family and friends. I walk a mile to and from work everyday and enjoy every minute of the commute.

Over the weeks and months to come, I will be sharing more learnings, thoughts and maybe even just a couple of words. I would love to be able to hear from you as well regarding reactions, feelings, advice and more. As each day goes by, I receive even more clarity about the purpose of service. This journey is not about me, but so many others.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to stay connected. I would also encourage you to follow some of the additional blogs from my PULSE colleagues that are serving in many regions across the globe.