We got lost

We got lost

Today 2nd July 13 is my first day in my assignment and my third day in India. I got up early in the morning before going to the work about 5 hours. My new colleague Yolando Sutherland (GSK Jamaica), the second PULSE Volunteer in the same NGO. She phoned me to go to (KSWA) Khrwadi Social Welfare Association (our new NGO) in Mumbai, India.

We started our way to the KSWA (our NGO) we took Auto rickshaw (Vehicle with 3 wheels) is extensively used in Indian cities it took about 10 Minutes to go there, and then we dropped out from Auto rickshaw to look for KSWA location where we yesterday checked this place and have a look. But I think we lost our way to KWSA.


Suddenly I heard a sound called my Name SAMY, SAMY, and I looked for this sound and I said to myself. Is it true? This is actually my name and whose know me in India and called my Name. Then I looked behind me it was Mr. Lijo George’s Voice the heads HR at KSWA. It was first time to meet him all our communications with him were by Emails.

He guided us to the right direction to KSWA and let us rode with a man from KSWA. We received a very warm welcome left me a very good impression about the team. Mr. Lijo is going to take us for an orientation. And he introduced us to the colleagues.


  1. Best of luck in your first week, Samy! I also got lost on the way to my work today at the Save the Children office… The taxi driver took me on a “joy ride” and wouldn’t stop to ask for directions when he clearly didn’t know where I wanted to go. At least I got to see the GSK and Wyeth offices in Makati City, Philippines! 🙂

    1. Glad that you made it OK to the NGO office! Watch out for the auto/taxi drivers who might take you for a ride if they think you are a new tourist. Always keep a mobile handy (& numbers of your local contacts), & when you walk in to the auto/taxi just say where you want to go (example- bandra west, xyz building), if he asks for direction walk out & get another one. Also, I think I have seen this big tree in the picture – is this in Dadar? Best Manu

  2. Samy, Welcome to India. Glad that you found KSWA. The team there is very welcoming and helpful. Enjoy your stay. Call me in case of any help. +91 9654367743 Kanheya

  3. Samy when I heard Lijo called out your name I thought you must be famous in India! lol. Imagine getting lost after we did a test run the day before and had no problem finding KSWA. I am glad that you are here too Samy as now I will learn about both Egypt and India at the same time. @ Manu lesson learnt; definitely will not take any Taxi driver who does not understand where we want to go.

  4. Wonderful post! No worries….everyone gets lost at some time. Wonderful pictures too! Looking forward to following your PULSE adventures!

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