PULSE – ready to go!

PULSE - ready to go!

It is hard to describe the thrill of the 10 Pulse volunteers meeting with Andrew. We were all so psyched and so close to launch; he fueled the fire within each of us. His passion and commitment to social change via corporate works was evident when he spoke to us.
I am finally on my countdown. I just sent my bags on ahead and am finishing up the last items on my list. I will land in Santa Barbara on July 2nd.
I will be staying with a colleague’s relative for the first month as housing is at a premium right now. An exciting element to my assignment is that Direct Relief will be receiving 5 other GSK PULSE Volunteers. We will have a mini GSK UN! I am looking forward to meeting my new colleagues and partners at Direct Relief.
I want to thank my colleagues in CPMS, US Monitoring for allowing me to have this opportunity. You guys have reviewed reports, done transfers and made me feel that this is important to you. Many Thanks!!

Ann Grossman, from the United States, is working with a team of #GSKVolunteers at Direct Relief International to enhance the Patient Assistance Program , in Santa Barbara, CA. Follow along on Twitter using #GSKVolunteers.


  1. Ann, I will be living and working vicariously through you for the next six months! All the best with your assignment! Amy

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