All I Need…

Did you ever see the movie The Jerk? 

In one of the scenes Steve Martin is being kicked out of his mansion.  As he leaves he picks up everything that he can carry in his arms, from a phone to an ashtray to a chair while repeating “all I need is this phone, and this…”

As I pack for Ghana I feel like Steve Martin going through every room in my house, believing all I need is …well…EVERYTHING! 

Yet, I am reminded of my move to Hawaii.

When I left Portland Oregon in 1999 there were five things I thought I could never live without.

  1. car
  2. washer & dryer
  3. dishwasher
  4. microwave
  5. television

Yet when I got to Hawaii, I didn’t have any of those things.  Guess what?  I survived. 

As you can see from the 1/8 of my Ghana packing pile, I still have things I think I can’t live without. 

I know, I know!   It isn’t all going to fit in the 2 suitcases and 1 carryon that I am allowing myself – to pack 5 months of my life into.  Shoots!  One whole suitcase could be shoes alone!

So I ask you, what are the things you couldn’t live without?

Well, wish me luck – and light suitcases or a really nice gate agent!Image