Week 2 – Settling in Nicely

I have been in Cape Town now for just over a week. My first impressions are extremely favourable! The team at UCT (University of Cape Town) are absolutely lovely! The group is made up of people from all over the world, we have friendly bosses in Prof Chibale from Zambia and Dr Street from the UK and in my small group alone we have Sudanese, Spanish and Chinese guys alongside French and South African girls.

I isolated my first intermediate today. I am realising how spoilt we are back in Biopolis labs-wise. I must have packed columns in my uni days but I have obviously blanked it out as I had to learn all over again today, it worked a treat, just took quite a while to set up and run. I then went along to run an NMR but failed to find the nifty carrousel attached to the machine, it seems we must go through each of the commands ourselves…Lock…Shim…what does it all mean!? I have a training session tomorrow to find out 🙂

Some kind ladies in the lab were nice enough to take me out on Saturday to Stellanbosch which is a pretty university town approx 1 hour east of Cape Town. Whilst there we hiked, we tasted wine and we visited a bustling local market, all of which was absolutely lovely! I also got out and about on Sunday visiting a coastal region named Simons Town to catch up with Pingu and his friends.


 All in all I am happy as a clam, I just need to organise the shipment of Anis to Cape Town at some point soon.




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