The Future… at El Futuro

I feel like a kid again, you remember what it was like the night before the first day in a new school year…you are excited and have a few butterflies in your stomach as you pick out what you want to wear and gather your new notebooks and pencils.
Through my employer (GlaxoSmithKline) I applied to the PULSE program and I have received a full-time placement at a non-profit for 6 months. I will go back to my job at GSK in Jan. 2014. The PULSE program places volunteers both locally and internationally with non-governmental organizations (NGOs)/non-profits. I’ll be working locally in Durham at El Futuro, which provides mental health and substance abuse counseling in the Latino community. They’ve asked me to work on a communications plan, something I’ve never done before! I’m looking forward to a big change in routine and the opportunity to make a contribution to a worthy cause.
I hope you will be a part of my journey and invite you to follow me & please comment too.


  1. Hi Randee:
    Loved your first blog and wish you well on your “first day at school …aka “first day on the job of your PULSE rotation!! El Futuro is lucky to have you on their team too!

  2. Hi Randee, I completely agree with your sentiments- well said! Yes, the butterflies are there, but so is the opportunity, which makes it all worthwhile. Best of luck to you as you get settled in and start to make a real difference!

  3. Enjoy your new assignment Randee. I’m sure you will make great contributions to El Futruo. I’m looking forward to your continuing posts.

  4. Best Wishes for a wonderful experience on your PULSE assignment. I look forward to hearing about your journey through your blog!

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