June 23


Being the Change – Save The Children, Lexington

BE THE CHANGE – The guiding principle of GSK’s PULSE Program

While reading a magazine geared towards women of a certain age, I came across survey results to the question:     “Top 10 things you want to change (about yourself)”

As I move to Lexington, Kentucky to work with Save the Children, I realized that I am going to make five of these changes in the next six months:

·         Travel more

·         Make new friends

·         Change your job or career

·         Change your living space or location

·         Volunteer

What else will change about me?   Find out – come along on this journey of change with me.

Do you want to change anything in your life?  What is it?  What, if anything, is holding you back?

Let me know.  Maybe you can commit to a change in your life over the next six months, and we can compare notes in January.

I will miss you all………….but am looking forward to BEING THE CHANGE.