Life Begins…


I vowed this to be my motto for 2013.

Why?  Because I like routine…I like having ALL the information before I make a decision… and I like being good at what I am doing.  But having all that doesn’t necessarily help a person to grow.  I want to grow.

I touch down in Africa on July 2nd.

By the time you are lighting your fireworks, I will be a world away on the coast of Ghana in the city of Takoradi.  My comfort zone will be no where in sight  when I report to JHPIEGO to help with their communications plan for a program that provides primary healthcare to the coastal districts.  Yet, I trust and believe I have a purpose – not that I know what it is or that it won’t change.  But I am me, and I signed up to help.  So here I go…

I hope you will come along with me for the adventure!


  1. It is a great motto to have even before you leave! You will grow personally, professionally, and in everywhere here, I promise. Your comfort zones will expand until you know you will be comfortable in any changing environment. Once you realize you can make it here, you will feel like you can make it anywhere! I can’t wait to finally meet you! Great first blog!! Safe travels and know that Jhpiego is ready and waiting for your expertise and energy!!

  2. Mea, you are an inspiration! This is such a perfect attitude to take into your PULSE assignment! Embracing my “science-geek” side, I’ll say that what makes us such a special species is our ability to adapt. Whether we embrace our physical adaptability by, for example, training for and running a marathon, or our societal, emotional and cultural adaptability go going to Ghana (or Nigeria :), we need to stress ourselves in order to achieve that growth. It may and probably will be challenging at times, but remember that this is what makes us stronger and better people. Add to that the positive impact you’ll have on the Jhpiego organization and the people you’ll meet, and you have a WIN-WIN scenario. All the best to you and please stay in touch!

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