One last day

So today is my last “working” day at GSK Vaccines and I am feeling a strange sense of excitement and fear. For six months I will be working with a whole new group of people – most who I have never met and do a job I have next to no understanding of. However I am so excited! My first week just got a bit busier…Monday afternoon I will be going to a global conference in DC talking about Teenage (or younger) marriage. Should be interesting. Everyone at Save the Children has been so friendly and they are excited about me coming. It is such a good feeling to feel needed and wanted.

I also wanted to forward a stat that Sir Andrew gave us regarding Rwanda and diarrhea/pneumonia pre and post Rotarix/Synflorix – 12% died of diarrhea and 17% died of Pnemonia. Post vaccination – the death rate was negligible. Hundreds of thousand of children in Africa are alive today because of GSK and our vaccines! We GIVE these vaccines to GAVI. We do not make a profit of this. However we are Beinging the Change.

So to my GSK brethren – thanks for covering for me and I will see you in January.