I have to admit I was a little upset that it was raining cats and dogs on my first day at work for GreenTreks (where storm water runoff management is a main focus).  Then I realized that everything happens for a reason. As I drove to the train station I was able to experience firsthand some of the impact of storm water runoff. Sewers were overloaded due to the thousands of gallons of water that rushed into them which led to flooded streets. Vegetation was eroded away as water poured out of gutters. The attached picture/video shows one of the sewers at my apartment complex. Not only does storm water runoff create flooding and erosion but it also impairs water quality and degrades stream habitats. Water quality is impaired when it rains this hard because everything on the ground (trash, oil, antifreeze, manure etc.) is washed into the streams. To learn what you can do to reduce storm water runoff go to or If you’ve experienced issues due to storm water runoff write a comment!



  1. Wow, that was likely a shock but interesting. Hope you enjoy your placement. Looking forward to all the great things you will be doing with Greentreks.

  2. I never realized the impact and magnitude storm water run off could have and how many surrounding communities it touches..

  3. Incredible visuals, alysia! we had to put a french drain in our home to avoid our basement from being flooded every time there is a storm. we were fortunate to be in a position to make that addition – not everyone can.

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