June 12


Going to Slovakia!

Hello Everyone,

Hope this blog post finds you well. Big news!!! If you haven’t heard yet… I will be going to Slovakia for 6 mo (end of Jun to end of Dec)!!! I will be on GSK volunteering (Pulse) assignment to Bratislava. Bratislava/Slovakia is in Central Europe, bordering Austria and Hungary. My last day at work before deployment is 26 Jun 2013.

For next 6 mo, I will work as a project manager at non-profit ACEC (Association for Culture, Education, and Communication) to support the project “Together for Better Health”, a unique project to align NGOs in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia on sharing experience and finding solutions of improving the health situation of Roma minorities. What does this mean? I will find out and let you know.

Two more weeks to go before going to Slovakia!!! I hope all the logistics will work out such as finishing work transfer activities and getting FBI certificate of my (lack of) criminal activities. As of today, my Slovakia rental apartment is ready (yay!). I also have received quite a few care packages from friends. Now the big question is how am I going to fit everything and still pack light? 😉

Anyway, if you have any travel pointers or knowledge to share regarding Roma (Gypsy) people, please share. Cheers,

Phoebe 🙂