2 more days at Vaccines and Andrew Witty

What a week.  Monday 8 of the 2013 Pulse candidates had “lunch” – we ate and Sir Andrew spoke to us and fielded questions.  It was quite an experience.  I always felt he believed and meant what he said regarding changing GSK and changing all of us – but to hear him say it to me directly…he really believes in it and so do I.  I am going to evangelize a bit here – if everyone believed and felt how Sir Andrew did what a better company GSK would be and what a better world we would live in.  It isn’t all about money and the next quarter’s earnings.  It is about how we treat each other and people (Domestically and Internationally) who need our help.

First GSK.  How many of us have felt let down by peers and upper management.  I know I am raising my hand.  Now how many of us have tried to stand up ourselves, our group or our firm.  I know I have – sometimes not that successfully.  What I learned from Sir Andrew is that maybe I need to be less black and white or maybe more black and white.  I took what he said to heart and I empower everyone else, be it GSK employees or anyone else reading this to stand up for what is right and BE THE CHANGE!  Whatever you think THE CHANGE should be.

I had my last monitoring visit today and am writing many trip reports and transfer reports.  Thanks again to all my co-workers.  I am so grateful to all of you, whether you believe it or not, for covering for me for these 6 months.

Now for my first week –

Monday – 8 am at Save for a webinar on my project.  The rest of the day will be getting up speed.

Tuesday – global conference in Potomac, MD with Bolivians and Nepalese talking about my project.

Wednesday – I see a lot of reading I will be doing.

Thursday – A meeting at “Sweden House” the Swedish Embassy with Save and USAID to talk about VYA.

Can’t wait.

I also attached a picture of lunch with Sir Andrew.Image