Time for Change….

Hi all . Welcome to my Pulse Bolg!!! My desire to become a Pulse Volunteer started a couple of years back when I spoke to people who had been through the journey and described what an incredible experience it had been. When I worked for “Crisis” last year, the UK charity organisation for the homeless, I developed a strong passion to do more of the same and decided that it would be the right time in my career to take a step back from my role and immerse myself in this new experience. I feel extremely prividlged to be given this opportunity by GSK and eternally grateful to my line manager for supporting me through the process.

So what will I be doing? For 2 reasons I chose to be do a home Pulse assignment and not to go abroad. 1) my wonderful high maintenance teenagers who would possibly suffer if I was absent for 6 month in their lives and 2) because I felt quite strongly that charity begins at home. Quick statistics: since 2009 when the Pulse program began, GSK has had 300 Pulse volunteers, only 10 % of which have been on home assignments.

So I have been matched to my assignment. UK Down Syndrome Association, communications Consultant. This UK NGO is based in Teddington and ran by 36 staff. They provide support and information on living with Down’s Syndrome including specialist advisors, information on benefits, education and health. The group is also involved with fundraising. Communication and training is a key part of their activties as they provide information to the media, public, press, infleuncing policy makers and are responsible for external publications. There is also training provided for healthcare professionals and carers.

I am less that 2 weeks away from my start date. I can’t wait to start the learning curve.I have to learn to adapt and be flexible to my new environment. I am hoping to make a difference in my time there and to make an impactful and long lasting contribution. Although I am not leaving the country to start my journey like many of my fellow Pulse volunteers, I share their anxiety and excitement.Time will fly and I will be back before you know it but I hope I can share my journey with you while I am stepping out of my GSK duties temporarily. I will continue to blog about my learnings and what I have been able to deliver to the organisation… so stay tuned.


  1. Good Luck Pari, we are all very proud of you and looking forward to hearing your progress. Best wishes Andrew

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