Going to India

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my PULSE blog, in a few weeks time I’ll be flying from London to New Delhi to start my PULSE assignment with CARE India. I’ll be working on a public health project related to the control & elimination of Kala Azar (Leishmaniasis).

A couple of weeks ago we had an 2-day orientation training held at the Langdon Down Centre, UK; the training was very informative & really useful to prepare me for the journey. It was amazing to meet with 13 other volunteers in the training group (from Brazil, Russia, Poland, Spain, France and the UK) & to learn about their assignments, their anxieties and challenges. From the training and from talking to the PULSE alumni, I learnt that I’ll have to relax a little bit, slow down and more importantly be patient. Want to say a BIG thank you to the central PULSE team and all the volunteers for their inspirations and motivation. It all looks very exciting, I am inspired & ready to go!

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  1. Hi Claramarr,

    Congratulations for emerging as one of the PULSE SUCCESSFULS for 2013. As one of the successfuls from Nigeria, I attended my Orientation Logistics Training in Morocco. I it was interesting and preparatory. I am also grateful to PULSE Team especially, Sue and Andrew for this insightful and revelatatory doses of what lies ahead the assignment. Frankly, I am armed and adequately equipped to be the change and the change agent is US where I am assigned to.
    Let’s GSK PROUD

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