A thousand hills


If you are reading this post, it means that my PULSE assignment has been confirmed!

I’m extremely excited and to be honest… it’s really hard to find the right words to define feelings, hopes and expectations. Maybe that’s part of the challenge? 😉

Somehow I still can’t believe this is happening! Therefore I would appreciate your help!

Let’s keep this blog alive. Please feel free to add comments, share your opinions and thoughts and ask questions. All ideas are very welcome!

Let’s record the journey which is just about to start and make it last, hopefully, not only on the Internet but in our hearts.

Otherwise in few months time I will be back at home thinking: No, this hasn’t happened at all… 😉

For those who would like to understand what am I talking about, just briefly on “who, what, where, when, why”:

I will be working for 6 months alongside Clinton Foundation – Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Kigali, Rwanda on drug and health commodities supply management. We will work on medical supply chain strategy development and its implementation. The objective is “to build a supply chain system that is robust and has in place mechanisms for continuous improvements in forecasting & quantification, annual planning & budgeting, order & distribution planning for pharmaceuticals and other health commodities.”

Great work has already been done by previous volunteer (thank you!) and therefore part of my role will also be assuring those recommendations are fully implemented and embedded.

Challenging? Of course! Lots to do, learn & share. And that’s what makes this experience so amazing!

When it comes to the “why”, you would get different answers from all 2013 Pulse volunteers. Something is in common though; it’s that inner force that is driving us. Do you remember what George Mallory answered when asked: “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?” He said: “Because it’s there”.

I like trekking and Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills. This is my kind of Everest.


  1. Well done Anna, taking this opportunity.
    I’m looking forward for the amazing pictures that you will take there

    Good luck and I’ll follow up on your up-dates.

  2. Anna, I am so pleased you are embarking on this great adventure. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to patients in Rwanda. Keep us updated, I will follow your progress!

  3. Ania, I’m so happy to hear all that news!!! Keep my finger crossed and will follow you here. Good luck!

  4. Anna, this is amazing!!! we all hear about PULSE and what goes through our heads is ‘if only… I wish…’ you have turned a dream into reality, and YOU will be able to really help those who needed and YOU will be making a difference… well done!! I have no doubt that you are right for this and it will be an amazing experience for you and for those you reach out to. I look forward to living this journey through your updates, so keep us all posted. 🙂

  5. Ania, great opportunity! Hope you tell us more here on your blow and let us know how it’s all going!
    Love from Slovenia,

  6. Ania, a fantastic opportunity ….and just the right person for it! : -) The very best of luck for your time in Ruanda! I am looking forward to your updates in words and photos!

  7. You are in for one of the greatest adventures of your life! Hope you have a pleasant and safe journey, and keep us all posted on your new exiting life!!
    Take care! //T

  8. You have an amazing opportunity and the experience of a lifetime ahead of you – enjoy every minute and I know you will be a big success – stay safe and continue to be the amazing person that you already are.

  9. Best person for the job :)! Have a safe journey. Rwandan people are very lucky to have you for those 6 months :).

  10. Best wishes in your adventure – I know you will make a massive impact
    Looking forward to hearing about your work and experiences and also what books/films/music you are enjoing thanks to all those vouchers!!!
    Happy Trails

  11. We are so proud of you Ania!
    I am ready to be part of your experience by following you through this blog and any other way of communication you decide to use. Be sure that you will never be on your own during this journey……
    Thank you for being so amazing and for bringing hope to people in need!
    Lots of love, your friend: Patricia

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