So glad you are with me along the way! Here are some views in my new neighborhood. Packing, planning, doing prelim homework for my assigned project. Self-Assigned of course, as an over-achiever who cares! Inspired to work w/STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math). 


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  1. Eric here: Wishing you the best! Am interested in hearing details in how your project comes about. Before GSK, I did my Masters in Ed Psych, and worked in high ed for 8 yrs and still missing working in the education field. Some day I may do like you and do a pulse project and would be interested in one like yours. Pls, do keep us updated! Truly interested. Very unlikely, though if I get to Phili, would love get catch up over a Lager and hear of your work………Eric Egeland,,,,,,,,,off to sunny San Diego,,,,,,,,,,it snowed 3″ in Anchorage on Sat

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