It’s for real ! . . . . . My Pulse is racing :)

3 years ago I read in GSK  Today about Pulse  alumni Daryl’s  volunteering work in Sri Lanka with Leonard Cheshire Disability charity and I was  inspired and amazed at the opportunity he had been granted and the challenge he took on. I ripped the pages out of the magazine and put them in my PDP file . . This was something I definitely had to go for.

So, the timings right for me to put in my application in Dec 2012, and  WOW , incredible, here I am now preparing to fly out to Tanzania to work with the Millennium Villages Project in Mbola, a remote cluster of villages near Tabora, in the western part of the country. What an amazing adventure I have ahead of me, how lucky am I to be given this opportunity by GSK and the  Pulse Volunteering Partnership.

I have high hopes that I really can meet the challenges ahead and contribute to making a  tangible difference in improving the access to and quality of healthcare being delivered by the Community Health Worker team in Mbola.

If  your reading this, thanks for joining me in my first few steps – I hope you’ll stay with me for the duration, heading out into the wilderness around the 30 th June ,  starting with a 24 hour train ride across the Tanzanian interior . . .  eeeek …. Furthest from civilisation and TK Max I’ve ever been !!

more to come !

best wishes



  1. Hi Sue. You are very lucky to be selected as one of the successful candidates for this year’s GSK PULSE Volunteer Assignment. Make the very best use of it and be the change. Go make a difference and bring back new skills that will improve your work and move the company forward. Good luck.

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