Getting ready for Save the Children

So I’m getting really excited for the Pulse assignment.  First up is the training session up in Philly this week.  Looking forward to meeting everyone else and building a solid network of GSK/Pulse people both during our assignment and to maintain that contact afterwords.

Also I’ve been working with my manager to start transferring work to my co-workers during my absence.  I can’t tell you how greatful I am to my fellow monitors who will be covering me.  I hope I inspire them and that I have to cover for them in the next few years.

See all the 2013 Pulse volunteers in Philly Thursday.

One comment

  1. Hello Douglas. How was the orientation training? I hope great. Anything from the training to share with us? I look forward to attending mine in Morocco later in the month. Can’t hide my feelings of meeting other PULSE Volunteers life and direct.

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