Dedication to Reduce the Burden of Malaria


Today is World Malaria Day!!

Did you know:

  • There are approximately 247 million cases of malaria every year??
  • There are nearly 800,000 deaths related to malaria every year??
  • That 90% of these cases occur in Africa??
  • That pregnant women and their newborn children are particularly vulnerable to malaria??
  • That 85% of all deaths from malaria are among children under five?
  • That every year around 10,000 pregnant women and up to 200,000 infants die as a result of malaria infection during pregnancy in Africa??

I am celebrating World Malaria Day with Jhpiego by continuing to facilitate a week long training for the nurses of Ghana Health Services. Part of the training is meant to ensure that the nurses have the proper knowledge and skills to identify and treat malaria, as well as, to provide education services to their communities on the prevention of malaria.

Today we all got together and signed this sheet to show the dedication to providing quality healthcare services and reducing the burden of malaria in Ghana. There are 36 Community Health Nurses (CHNs) in attendance, representing 24 different community health care facilities. Each facility services a cluster of villages with a population of 3-5 thousand people. Also in attendance is one of the district directors of Ghana Health Services as well as the Jhpiego STAR CHPS project staff.

The STAR CHPS project partners Jhpiego and Ghana Health Services together, to provide continuous improvement of the quality of services (including malaria control, antenatal care, family planning, immunization, growth monitoring, and basic outpatient care) available at the Ghana Health Service’s community based facilities and strengthen the involvement at the community level.

Thanks go to everyone in this photo for taking some part in decreasing the burden of malaria in Ghana and showing their support for World Malaria Day!!

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